White Men Are Still The World’s Favorite Scapegoat

To any extent my archetypal written gibberish insinuates on my part a propensity for racially-charged issues, allow me to preface my latest gibberish by assuring you this has little to do with races or racial issues in comparison. It is simply that white men are the world’s favorite scapegoat for everything from a light slight to a mighty plight.

For a nanosecond, my spine tinged with a dulled impetus to begin this with, “After the most recent terrorist attack.” Forthwith I realized that, by the time such a phrase made it to print, there would have been another handful of terrorist attacks around the globe. These attacks, by and large, share two things in common:

1: They’re almost always committed by Middle Eastern Islamic radicals following a verbatim interpretation of the Quran.

2: When they are carried out by that expected perpetrator, middle-class white girls in western nations decide to point their finger not at the perpetrator but at—you guessed it—white males.

The first time I read about “toxic masculinity” being responsible for terrorist attacks was after the Truck of Peace crashed in on Nice. At that point, I understood fully that Muslims would not be blamed, and certainly not Islam at large. But a few sources I checked out refused to even refer to it as terrorism; instead, calling it “toxic masculinity.” Flabbergasted at the fatuousness of such individuals, I dug a bit deeper into this new line of deflection, and lo and behold I found it as far back as the Orlando nightclub shooting – manufacturing a device whereby the gravity of Islamic implications could be redirected to white males and third-wave feminists’ long-espoused nonsense about “toxic masculinity” being the inherent evil.

According to feminist mouthpieces (I refuse to call any of them scholars or intellectuals), toxic masculinity is a socially-constructed trope, borne of patriarchy, which pressures men into masculine roles including violence, rape, and just your everyday friendly cut-off-from-emotions sociopath. There is an entire other discussion to be had about women being responsible for raising the majority of men in the west, and then belittling and hating their own sons, but we can keep this in the range of terrorism for now. According to the bleeding hearts who cite toxic masculinity as being responsible for Muslim radicals killing innocent people, terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. That’s right. Muslims: The new “dindu nuffin” poster-children. It isn’t the pure evil and hatred of the Quran which prompts young, indoctrinated Muslims into action; it’s the pressures of patriarchy.

It pains me to say such, but the feminists would actually have a solid point, if the patriarchies to which they were referring were the patriarchies of many Islamic countries; the true patriarchies that oppress women and murder homosexuals and teach men to subjugate women. Though, to be absolutely clear, they are not even slightly brushing up against real patriarchies. They are instead speaking exclusively about the mythical patriarchies of the west, where women can dress like cat-house workers without suffering acid attacks, can be police and politicians, and can go over-extend their husbands’ credit cards at will, without even having to take a male relative with them. You know; the “patriarchy” that gives women full custody of children in divorce over eighty-percent of the time, and that ensures women receive far less punishment for committing the same crimes as men. Western patriarchy is to blame for Eastern Muslim men’s terror.

Oh, that doesn’t make sense to you? Join the club.

Just read this headline from The Independent: “It’s not Muslims or people with mental health problems who are most likely to kill you in a terrorist attack – it’s men.” So, progressive liberals—namely feminists—have finally found a way to bridge the gap between their bewildering adoration of Islam and their hatred for white men.

The commonalities they have utterly ignored:

Middle Easterners

Radicalized militants


The commonality on which they focus:


Though while the males responsible for actually murdering are anything but white, because “Islam” is a legitimate taxonomic race designation in the mind of progressives, the underlying cause they cite here just so happens to be white males, in a white male patriarchy, in white western nations.

The Independent literally took every single recent Islamic terror attack and pinned it on males. That is basically their entire explanation: Men are violent. Never mind the seven women arrested in relation to the London Bridge terrorist attack, or that a woman was one half of the terrorists who wreaked havoc in the San Bernardino terrorist attack; facts can never be allowed to disrupt a disrupting narrative. Men are to blame here, specifically white women who have created toxic environments in western nations.

Even Planned Parenthood got in on the madness in June of 2016, with their abhorrent tweet:

Does the language sound at all familiar? “Imperialist”? It’s just another way to say white western men. No matter who it is committing a crime, and no matter who ends up the victim of that crime, progressive liberals have a remarkable talent for cramming everything into their ongoing body of philosophy, a philosophy whose core tenant is that every single woman and person of color on the planet is a victim of white male patriarchy, even when those people of color kill the soap-box standers enthusiastically preaching their philosophy to the masses.

Many believe that progressives bow in deference to Islam in the hope they will be seen as a good “ally” and will be spared the destruction. Though I believe it’s a lot different than that, a lot more brutal. These progressives hate the west every bit as much as radicalized Muslims hate the west. The only difference I see between them is this: Muslims who are radicalized believe they need to martyr themselves via death to receive their rewards. Progressives who are radicalized are not willing to give up their comfort and positions by dying or going to prison. (You think Moldylocks wants to live anywhere but Thousand Oaks, in her parents’ house?)

Both are dangerous, backward, twisted ideologies. Both loathe the west and want to bring it down. Lucky for us, only one group is willing to die to enact their vision.

The truth, as it see it, is that both ideologies are unsustainable in the modern world. It has long been my contention that girls in bikinis, HD TVs, fast food and other western comforts are the only reason more Muslims do not become radicalized. Though at which point Muslims start infringing upon the lifestyles of the progressives, we will witness a change in tune. No longer will white male patriarchies be blamed for terror; terrorists will be blamed for terror, and they will fight to eradicate it.

Until the day when radical Islam gets into the gated communities, however, we just have to live with two evil ideologies in the world, both working against western civilization in tandem.

Radical Islamic terror is horrible enough. Though just imagine a world where the progressive liberals adopted the same tactics. Similar gripes; different levels of worship.

Thank goodness for small mercies.


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