Why We Love Faith Goldy

Since western society first bloomed, beautiful, talented women have been admired widely. Do not let the third-wave feminists fool you; we love our powerful, intelligent, independent ladies. This isn’t some barren and bankrupt village in Pakistan. This is the west; and the west, as they say, is the best. It remains the reason for our freedoms, for our top-notch medical care, and for our Faith Goldy. Without such a free and prosperous civilization, we would not have a Faith Goldy to oggle at in admiration and envy.

Ridiculously intelligent, Die Hard-level bravery, and looks that cannot be accurately described with any word in the English language, Faith Goldy is unabashedly our favorite Rebel here at Halsey News.

Though why is she so admired, not only by we fellow news plebs but by so many? Each to their own reasons; I know mine, of course; universally, though, insofar as extends the Faithful Faith fan club, she espouses honesty and courage with the sort of grace that is typically only made for TV. We appreciate it. We appreciate her.

Unpacking that a bit, firstly, she is not what one would expect. Quick thought experiment: Think of a family values devout Catholic who champions conservative principles including God and country. If you said you did not picture someone resembling Rick Perry in your mind, I will flat-out call you a liar. A twenty-something female—you’ve seen her—with that sort of moral conviction and fortitude is a black pearl, rare and beautiful.

The chainsaw-wielding Goldy is also an in-the-trenches kind of reporter. You know, the sort that are created on a sound-stage at CNN? Only Faith is legit. No green screens and wind-’em-up Cold War sirens. Not saying she had to duck from sniper fire when exiting a helicopter. But on the front lines in Jerusalem when it hits the fan? Not only is she there, but she makes sure all her social media followers are there with her. Most millennials would be taking vainglorious selfies with hashtags that are way too long and never trend.

There’s also an air of honesty wafting from Faith. One might not agree with her views or values, but if one can point out instances where she’s dishonest like mainstream media, I’ll buy them a pizza. With pineapple.

Okay, so this is a fawning piece, written by someone who’s a crazy fan of Faith’s and is tickled pink every time Rebel’s YouTube channel is a Goldy vid. I do not hide it; I cannot hide it. But I am a fan because of all the great things Faith brings to media. For me, she doesn’t need to throw a helmet on and charge once more into the stenches of Antifa for news. She is more than intelligent and articulate enough to observe and to offer a unique, inspiring take on the events. Though, to be clear, I get the distinct feeling that Faith would charge into the bowels of the beast, sans helmet! She just doesn’t have to do that.

And in a fist-fight, I got Faith Goldy over Gavin McInness. Sorry, Gav, babe, but we all saw those short-arm, flagrantly askew punches that didn’t cut as close as a disposable razor. And we know Goldy would have likely broken bone. She’s on that Ivan Drago program.

Though my favorite thing, and maybe your favorite thing, is Faith’s integrity. A fan for a couple years now, I can see a clear evolution in her talent and presentation quality, though no signs of catering to tidal changes for popularity. Faith remains firmly fixed in her values, which lets you know they’re actually her values and not just a bootleg ticket for the MAGA train. Which, in her case, would be the…. MCGA train? Not the same ring, but our Maple Leafers are in desperate need of non-cuckery up yonder. Faith for PM!

Okay, really, if I’m totally honest, my true favorite thing—not just flattering-to-say favorite thing—about Faith Goldy is two words: Deus Vult! I mean, who even has cojones that size!? Sure, some people got their knickers knotted and thought it controversial that Goldy “appeared” to be calling for a Crusade during an Islamic call to prayer in Bethlehem, but let us be honest with ourselves, if only once. The Crusades, like white flight, were reactive, not proactive. They were a response. And, arguably, they worked rather well in the end – at least for a while. So Faith wants round two. So what? Look at what many of them want to do to us! We’re not allowed to react to that? I’m thankful that Faith doesn’t hide her head in the sand of fear of the PC police. She gets at it.

As an American, many Canadians usually confuse me. They elected Justin Trudeau, for Pete’s sake. But so long as Canada can reproduce its Faith Goldys like a Chevrolet factory, I have a feeling we’re going to be okay in the end.

And we really do admire her. Genuinely.

Deus Vult!

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