The mission of DIRE Online is pretty straightforward: To document the growing and overwhelming problem of Islamic radicalism wreaking havoc across the entire expanse of the globe, particularly in the west where it is eroding away the foundations of Western civilization.

Unlike other websites and blogs you find, which touch on Islamic radicalism with kid gloves and through the peripheries of purple prose, we tackle head-on this gargantuan issue, and we are entirely unafraid to speak the truth about the real danger facing our societies.

DIRE Online’s Editor-in-Chief is Brian Hendrix, a regular contributor of Halsey News who has over ten years experience as a writer and is well versed on the problem of Islamic radicalism.

This site does not have a permanent staff of writers per se; we accept quality submissions from anyone willing to address the problems of Islamic radicalism.

As part of the Halsey News Network, DIRE Online strives to maintain the utmost in quality print commentary, ethical journalism, and factual reporting. You will never find “fake news” on this site; you will find only the truth about radical Islam, pure and simple.

Though Brian is not the dictator type, and allows fully for freedom of speech, there is a philosophical principle here which must be maintained, and that’s that only the truth about radical Islam will be allowed in print here – nothing to do with apologetics or watering it down or the “they’re not real Muslims” spiel. Only by admitting a problem exists can that problem be combated, and only by exposing the truth about radical Islam can we hope to one day defeat it.

As a sister site in the Halsey News Network, DIRE Online will, at all costs, maintain the ethical standards which allow our entire network to stand above the fray in honesty and integrity. As independent media, it is not an easy road to travel, always out-gunned by corporate media. However, we enjoy our role as the underdog; it makes us fight harder, particularly since our civilization is the most important thing for which we will fight in our lives.

We hope you enjoy our humble little site, and we hope you engage to the fullest and participate in calling attention to the persistent problem of Islamic radicalism.

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